Vastu Shastra is essentially an age old Indian gospel that advocates that laws of nature have the capability of affecting the place we live in and call our home. The Vastu-inspired designs are based on aligning various sections of the house/building to the natural directions. The five elements of nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space are also present in the human body. The aim of Vastu is to co-ordinate the elements in the body to the elements in the nature to achieve a harmony between the two. Earlier, Vastu principles were confined to the temples and sacred buildings however, over the last few decades, Vastu has increasingly been used in residential and commercial premises.

The benefits of Vastu are known to be as follows:

We, as a leading interior designing company, inculcate the laws of Vastu in our designing concepts so as to give you not just a well decorated space but a comfort zone that unleashes your complete strength and surrounds you with positivity in everything you do.

We apply Vastu principles to the following: